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I’m Jackie. I help women, who are navigating through mid-life, reconnect with their true selves. I have spent the past decade immersed in the study of self-care and personal transformation. Along the way I obtained a master’s degree in Consciousness & Transformative Studies with an emphasis on Ecotherapy.


I learned the importance of listening to my inner wisdom and conquering the blocks that have kept me from hearing my true authentic voice. My passion is to support women on their own journey to peace & wholeness.

My Story


My journey began with a loud call. I had been working for years in the non-profit sector serving artists and patrons in the theater and the arts. I loved what I was doing but suddenly found myself exhausted, uninspired, angry, and completely burnt out. This was the work that I thought I was supposed to be doing, but I always felt that something was missing. There had to be more to life than this.


Curious to find that missing piece I began to search for it. What I found truly surprised me. The answer wasn’t going to come from someone “out there”. The answer had to come from within. When I stopped and began to truly listen, I found that my authentic life had to start with me. I wasn’t going to find joy and happiness until I listened to Her and aligned with my true self.


Transformation has been slow, sometimes radical, but always reflective and beautiful. It has tried my patience, tested my faith, and strengthened me like nothing else has. I began to realize that self-growth was my true calling. Knowing deep within that a new life was possible, I took a leap of faith and left a career of nearly 20 years behind, and devoted myself to a path of healing, connection, and conscious living.


I now live a life filled with gratitude and joy, and I truly believe that every woman can have the life that they desire. Are you ready to step into your authentic life? I’m here, and ready to support you on your path of transformation. I believe in you!

“Jackie Jordan of grounded journeys lives her message: a grounded woman committed to a lifetime journey of personal transformation. Jackie walks her talk, working daily to deepen her relationship with herself, and is thus uniquely qualified to support women on their own journeys. Over time, I’ve experienced Jackie as trustworthy, reliable and — most important to me — safe. No matter how dark the content, Jackie is there, grounded, not easily knocked off kilter. If you’re seeking a fellow traveler, someone who will listen and provide reflection as you walk your path, I highly recommend Jackie as a wise soul companion.” ~HB


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